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Welcome to  Terry Donofrio Photos website for all Sports Photography

My Professional Sports Photography  website includes:
1. My "Professional Profile" as well as the"Highlights" of Top Photos in All Sports -- "The Best of Gallery"

2.  All "Action" Sports Photo Galleries including:  Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Rugby, LaCross, Tennis, Fencing, Wrestling and Volleyball.

3.  All "Racing"  Sports Photo Galleries including:  Auto Racing, Bike Racing, Motorcross, Triathlons, Marathons, OCRs, Track-n-Field, Surfing, Rowing and Swimming/Diving.

4.  All "Charity Events" Photo Galleries includingWalk/Run/Biking and Event photos for various charities (e.g. MMBCF - Breast Cancer Foundation, ADA, Special Olympics etc.).

5. "Other Photo Galleries" -  In addition there is a non-Sports Gallery of traditional photos  e.g. Wildlife, Animals, Landscapes, Travel etc.  Also included here are Gallery Shows as well as Photo Awards and Recognition (e.g. Medals and Ribbons).

For more info about Terry Donofrio Photos select  Profile and Experience here.

To message Terry Donofrio at tjd@terrydonofriophotos.com -- use the Contact Tab at the top of each page on the site.

Terry Donofrio is a Freelance Professional Sports Photographer.  Terry is  available for Sporting Event photography to deliver photos, files, albums and/or prints.  Terry is also available for private photo shoots of athletes in all sports.

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