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Terry Donofrio is a Freelance Sports Photographer with extensive experience in "Action Sports" including Baseball, Basketball, Rugby, Volleyball and Lacross as well as "Racing Sports" including Bike Races, OCR (Obstacle Course Racing), Track-n-Field, Surfing and Swimming.

Photography Credits

1. Sporting Events

     *  High School and Minor League Baseball (e.g. AA and AAA) 

     *  High School Softball (Women)

     *  College Basketball (Men's and Women's)

     *  Club and College Rugby (Men's and Women's)

     *  High School and College Lacrosse

     *  College Volleyball Matches

     *  College Track-n-Field Meets

     *  College Swimming Meets

     *  USTA Tennis Tournaments

     *  USTA Pro Bike Races,  HVCX Motorcross Bike Races, Triathlons and Gran Fondo 

     *  OCR Events - Battlefrog, Spartan, MudManX, CMC, OCR WC, Goliathon, OHEL, ABF etc.    

     *  Private Photoshoots for All Sports and OCR Athletes

2. Tournaments and Special Events:

     *  Mercer County (NJ) High School Baseball

     *  NJSIAA (NJ State) High School Baseball

     *  Special Olympics

     *  7S Rugby (Club Level)

     *  Track-n-Field Invitational (College)

     *  Surfing Contests

3. Charity Events

     *  Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation 5K Run/Walk (2015-2016)

     *  American Diabetes Association Biking Event (2015-2016)

     *  Tour de South Brunswick Biking Event (2015-2016)

     *  ZMud Run OCR Event (2014)

Photo Display and Presentation

    * This website:

    * Facebook my Sports Page:

     *  Media Outlets - photos to augment daily sports articles

Terry Donofrio is available to photograph all sporting events to deliver photos, albums, files and/or prints.

For information contact Terry Donofrio --

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